Those Damn Crows – Murder And The Motive Review

those-damn-crows-murder-and-the-motiveI have to admit – the main reason I decided to check Those Damn Crows out was the fact it featured two members from an old favourite band of mine called Miss Conduct (I listened to their EP Sinner vs Sinned so much I almost wore it out!) so I felt this was a release I had to take a look at! Murder And The Motive is a great album featuring some seriously catchy tracks that will definitely get stuck in your head after a while, and it is a powerful debut release from the band.

There’s a slight ‘Forever Never’ vibe to their sound (which is most likely down to the vocals sounding a little similar) but that’s not exactly a bad thing and Those Damn Crows have still got their own sound. Opener Don’t Give A Damn starts things off with a bang, beginning with a single guitar riff before the rest of the band joins in and it’s a striking introduction as it really drags you in! Additionally, the chorus is a serious earworm that you’ll potentially find yourself humming along to long after the album has finished.

Murder And The Motive progresses well from there, with later highlights including fast-paced and hard-hitting track The Fighter that will swiftly get your foot tapping, and later track Rock N Roll Ain’t Dead – and it certainly isn’t dead with this track out there because it’s a seriously powerful number that will kick some serious ass live, as there’s numerous opportunies for some crowd participation thanks to the chants and striking drums in the latter half of the track.

All in all, a great album. It is sometimes a little lacking in variety, as some of the songs are constructed in very similar ways, but it is nevertheless a very good listen. The foundations have been laid for what could potentially be the start of something special – this is a band you definitely need to watch out for!


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