This Burning Age – Desolation Review

this burning age desolationIt feels like it’s been a while since This Burning Age put out the second part of their four-part EP series, Devotion, but they’re back with third part of the series, Desolation. Following the same format as the previous two offerings, Desolation is a three-track piece that essentially picks up where the previous EP left off.

Desolation shows a slight divergence in style for the band, and whilst there’s still the electronic vibe that makes you know it’s This Burning Age, there’s a bit more of a darker and moodier post-rock edge and it’s great to see them unafraid to be a bit more adventurous and take different approaches.

Beginning strongly with Tatterdemalion, the track grabs your interest with a striking introduction before moving into a more stripped-back section led by the drum and bass before progressing into a fuller sound once again. The different sections are juxtaposed well against one another and really helps the piece to flow, keeping things interesting, and following track Drown In Silence continues well from there.

The EP ends on a high with Ab Aeterno (From Forever). It’s quite an emotional and melancholic-sounding song, largely down to the morose and emotive vocal delivery, and the fairly simplistic instrumental approach works effectively – it is impactful and powerful, and holds you right until the closing notes ring out.

This Burning Age have created a great EP with Desolation, and showcases a band that clearly has no intentions of slowing down. Now, who is excited for the fourth and final EP?


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