The Younger – Have Hope Review

From the get go this mini album sucks you in and you’ll feel it in your soul. The singers voice is melodic and soft and the music is nothing short of stunning. Have Hope is the perfect title for this because you understand instantly what this is about. This is definitely a ‘glass half full’ type of record and it’s uplifting.

After just a few listens you’ll already know the chorus for Big Escape. It’s simple, yet perfectly suited and again fits the ‘glass half full’ mentality. There are few bands that can write a love song and have it really blast out. It’s not power ballad territory but Eyes is certainly powerful.

It’s clever writing. It’s a challenging task to take simple melodies and harmonies and blend them for songs and not have them feel lost in the mix.

Say My Name has everything; simple but big melodies, catchy harmonies and a powerful vocal performance from singer Daniel Lawrence. Final track Your Love just concludes this record up perfectly.

It’s hard to create a movie in your mind to some music but The Younger have got it down in one. It’s summer, it’s romance, it’s children and parents playing, it’s war, it’s life and it’s all created through 7 short tracks.


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