The Younger – Camden Barfly, London 08/10/13

We Are Fiction are playing to a relatively small crowd and they’re doing that thing where they all stand back from the stage and there’s this big space at the front that nobody dates to venture into. But that doesn’t stop lead singer, Phil Barker, taking over some of the floor to engage the crowd and he fills the space himself, taking himself to the crowd if they won’t come to him. They play well and they sound very good in the small room. The crowd tap their feet and nod their heads, probably a few converts tonight.

The First take to the stage and it all kicks off. This band are only destined for bigger things and watching them in a venue as small as this you start to get a sense of how that’s going to translate at next month’s Vans Warped Tour. They get the crowd involved, which is a bit bigger now and everyone in the room seems to be joining in and singing along, fully engaging with the band. A lively and engaging set.

The Younger are here for their EP launch and they play to a packed room. The songs are clean, the sound is clean and the crowd seem distant at first. But by the end of the set, the whole room has warmed up to the band and seem to appreciate the polished nature of their brand of pop rock. Everybody claps along when told and there is an air of accomplishment in the room for this band. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable night out.


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