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So here’s our Relentless Live interview with The Xcerts. They’ve been busy since we last spoke to them it seems, but what exactly are they up to?

We last caught up with you guys in 2010, what have you been up to?
Murray: From 2010 mostly touring. I think from 2010 we were on the road for 2 years straight.

Jordan: That was the release of Scatterbrain and then the rest was a blur.

Murray: It’s been pretty quiet this year. We’ve done 3 tours and some one of shows here and there.  Just been writing a record.

We’re looking forward to the new record, when can we expect its release?
Jordan: Early next year

Murray: That’s what’s been penned. We’ve still got some work to do. Early next year.

What’s the writing process been like this time?
Jordan: We’ve had a lot longer

Tom: That’s the big difference

Murray: It’s been a lot more relaxed. It’s not like we had some deadline hanging over our heads. It’s been just kind of go until it feels like it’s done

Jordan: We’ve been recording our demos which is the first time we’ve ever done it and then sat with them. So we’ll kind of write, go into the studio, record it and then sit with it for a while and see what needs to be taken out and re-written. A lot of our own pre-production.

Tom: We’ve written a lot more on this record, so we’ve got a lot more to choose from. Get the best songs for this record.

So what’s it like to be playing Relentless Live?
Jordan: It’s our first one. We’ve never done a Relentless show. We’ve done big shows but not for a company like this.

Tom: We did a Relentless stage at T in the Park once before. That’s the closest we’ve got, I guess.

Jordan: Just feels really efficient and organised

Murray: It’s because everyone’s drinking Relentless!

So what’s your plans for 2014?
Jordan: Touring

Tom: Festivals, the usual. Campaign, album release, long tour

Jordan: Might get to America this time round. Sounds like it’s gonna happen, we’re getting an American release which is great because we have so many friends in America and not taking advantage with all our buddies who are willing to help us

Murray: Call in all those favours from band who said they’d love to have us in the US

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