The Way They Run – Safe Haven Review

Swedish rockers The Way They Run’s new EP Safe Haven opens with their song Eyewitness, which is a dramatic and upbeat instrumental that will make you want to dance. The song has a Four Year Strong style vocal performance, and the gang vocals and harmonics mixed with the uplifting instrumental make this song the best choice to open The Way They Run’s EP and is personally my favourite on the EP.

The song For Us Drifters has a real punk energy to it with the thrashing drums and the song seems like it’s all over the place. Maybe this was the intention, but it doesn’t work unfortunately. It’s an instrumentally driven song with few vocals, which shows off the bands instrumental talent.

The guitarists in this band are extremely talented and have created some fantastic sounding guitar riffs shown in the opening of Eyewitness and the bassist shows of his talents with the heavy distortion in Between the Wages where there are a few Bass solos. The lead vocals are rough, but something he has is unique, hypnotic and the more you listen, to the more you’ll grow to enjoy. The drummer has a lot of experience in creating dramatic build ups and is very talented fellow.

Instrumentally, they’re a tight talented band and with some powerful, striking, perfervid enfused vocals, it creates a solid in-sync band that you should keep an eye out for in the near future.


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