The Walking Sticks – Send The Night Review

The Walking Sticks are a ‘dream pop’ band from Silver Spring MD and are about to release their new EP Send The Night.

It opens with a slow drab song called Send The Night which starts with a funky guitar line but the chorus is rather boring and it isn’t going to bury itself in your head. Its funk-like feel is going to make you sway and it’s one of the highlights on the EP.

Real Thing has a nice synth line during the chorus but unfortunately that’s the most thrilling part of the song, and with the repetitive and unimpressive playing the song seems to go on for hours. Granted, lead vocalist Chelsea Lea has a fantastic voice but it isn’t gripping. The song isn’t something you’d ask someone to turn off, but it’s not something you’d go home and spend hours listening to on YouTube.

The most upbeat song on the EP is Kissing You and it has a nice relaxing feel instrumentally, but it sounds like it took an hour to create and as such doesn’t seem overly complex. With a male vocalist throughout the song it’s got a different feel to the rest of the songs on the EP but the lyrics aren’t great. They’re memorable but not for a good reason: they’re rather uncomfortable and a bit cringe-worthy.

Overall there isn’t anything ‘pop’ about the group. The choruses aren’t catchy, the instrumentation drab. Chelsea has a pleasant voice and the EP is relaxing and easy to listen to but it’s nothing overly special and all members could do so much more with their talents.


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