Blast From The Past: The Used – Self-Titled

The Used - Self-TitledIn 2002, The Used unleashed their debut self-titled album, produced by punk rock legend John Feldmann himself.

Featuring a host of amazing tracks, it’s crazy to think this album gave us the beginnings of true post-hardcore and screamo all these years on. The Taste Of Ink will always be an incredible track which everyone will shout “4 o’clock in the fucking morning!” along to when the line hits. The band really proved their music capabilities with this record and Bert McCracken really cemented himself as one of the few vocalists who could scream in a key.

It’s easy to see how Buried Myself Alive cemented the band’s popularity. Lyrically, it’s something a lot of people can relate to and instrumentatlly the music is used to very cleverly support the vocals and not overpower them as Bert’s vocal performance is integral to the song feeling as emotive as it does, his screams hitting at exactly the right point.

A Box of Sharp Objects is a bouncy, hard hitting number. The screeches on the guitars, which most bands would clear up, just help to accompany Bert’s screaming vocal performance and the bass and drums help to drive the song along.

Few bands can write a song as beautiful as Blue and Yellow. It’s a ballad with strings that really add scope to the track. “Well you’ll never find it, if you’re looking for it”, is a really thought provoking statement. Life is for living, not for pre-planning, let life come to you instead of trying to force stuff. The Used have an amazing ability to write songs that really drive you to think deeper and to engage more and this is definitely one of those tracks.

On My Own is another one of those tracks. It’s simply, but so effective. Just an acoustic guitar and some strings and Bert’s echoing vocal performance. Again, it’s very thought provoking with “Knowing nothing is better than knowing it all”.

I for one cannot wait to see what their new album has in store for us and with it’s release immiate it’s exciting.


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