The Used – Imaginary Enemy Review

The Used - Imaginary EnemyThe Used are a band that have been together almost 15 years now and return with their most prominent album to date. The band have always had a way with words that make you really think on what’s been said, but now more than ever is their message their most important. The album is about starting a revolution and changing the way the world has become. The western way of life that seems filled with greed and war and a large focus on social media. The band are calling for change on these issues; for a simpler time, for the next generation to really start the discussion on how we live and whether this is what they really want for their future. Whether it’s what any of us really want for our futures.

The album kicks straight in and it’s immediately what you’d expect from The Used, catchy riffs, driving drums and bass, and great hard vocals. Revolution is the start of the inspiring lyrics throughout this whole album, “This is the end! This is the end! Calling for revolution!”

Cry follows on exactly the same vain. Bringing with it a big The Used sing-a-long chorus. It’s going to be a sure fire crowd pleaser when played live.

The album takes a slight turn at El-Oh-Vee-Ee. It’s slightly different sounding to what you’d normally associate with The Used, slightly more pop friendly, but it’s still good. There’s big echoing group vocals in this track and the track itself is like a rollercoaster ride of fast and slow, but the band have really blended it well and made the changes in pace work.

“We’re saying no way! No way USA!” is a big statement to make, but that’s the main chorus in A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress). A fantastic title alone, but this song is probably one of the most hard hitting on the album. The track talks about the war on terror and how the US is essentially sending itself into further trouble by always starting these fights. Bert McCracken has spoken openly about why he has moved out of the US to Australia and this song seems to back up all his choices.

Generation Throwaway is again another more pop sounding track but again it’s just as good. It’s easy to learn the lyrics and you’ll easily be joining in with the song after just a couple of listens.

The album is one big message delivered in an awesome package of songs that the band hope will inspire and it’s clear to see they should easily reach their goal. An amazing listen for 2014.


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