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the sun never setPromising young band The Sun Never Set are getting ready to release their debut self-titled EP and whilst it doesn’t quite feature anything groundbreaking or completely new, it’s a good first effort and could be the start of a long and healthy career for this up and coming outfit.

Second track One Drop Of Blood And We’ll All See Red is a particularly powerful inclusion, with a great vocal performance from frontman Luke and the way it opens with just drums and vocals is so striking, really leaving a lasting impression on you as the track gets going and the heavy sections are juxtaposed fantastically with the softer and more sparse sections.

However, the tracks all seem to largely follow the same sort of format, so everything does tend to get a little dull as the EP progresses – and subsequently it’s a little difficult to remain engaged if you’re listening to it in one sitting. It’s a shame because The Sun Never Set clearly know how to write a good song or two but it would be a lot better if they mixed things up a bit.

The foundations are there for an excellent EP and there’s a lot of potential for The Sun Never Set to go far but unfortunately it doesn’t quite make the impression they’re capable of this time around.


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