The Sonic Revolvers – Suns Of Mercury Review

I recently reviewed the Britrockarmy compilation album The Uprising, and one of them was the brilliant track Feverglass by The Sonic Revolvers. So naturally, when faced with the opportunity of reviewing their Suns Of Mercury EP, I jumped at the chance – and put simply, it’s a wonderful little thing.

First track Gunshot is a work of brilliance. I really love the effect on the vocals on this track as it gives the whole thing a wonderfully distorted sound and fits it so well. As a whole, the track is tremendously catchy and is very well-arranged and put together, and it really sets a great mood for the whole EP. Following track Plastic Rock is a bit more chilled and the vocal delivery on this one is especially great – it feels like the whole track is getting louder and louder until it reaches the end, where it finishes with a lovely resonant tone.

Having already been familiar with third track Feverglass, I was interested to hear how it fitted in with the rest of the EP. Like I said in my previous review, this is a song that just flows perfectly, and it’s a great song to go in the middle as it really links the other tracks together. It truly is an utterly beautiful song.

Sunset Bridge has my favourite guitar-work in it. The whole thing seems to be a continuous guitar solo (which is meant in the best possible sense) and it really highlights just how talented guitarist Richie is. Very impressive stuff. The EP finishes with track March Of A Million. This one has a brilliantly noisy introduction before leading into an overall fantastic track which is a perfect ending to an all-round wonderful EP.

Absolutely brilliant stuff from a massive-sounding band and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.


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