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Ahead of the release of their single Loco Lifestyle, we took the opportunity to have a chat with the band and review the single. Check it all out below!

The Sonic Revolvers 2014

Could you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
We are The Sonic Revolvers. We formed in 2010 and are a four piece rock band who offers our own brand of rock n roll. Last year we released our EP Suns of Mercury which involved a big tour.

So 2014 is fully underway now – what’s in store for this year when it comes to The Sonic Revolvers?
Well on March 1st we release our brand new single Loco Lifestyle which will include a lot of new shows and promotion for the single. We then will be releasing another single and follow it up with another EP/Album. We haven’t quite decided yet!

What went well about last year?
There was a lot of positivity about the band last year. We did a lot of gigs last year and we got to play to a lot of new fans and it was great seeing the response to the EP on our social media outlets. Plus we got to record with Greg Haver in an amazing studio, so that was pretty special.

And what perhaps didn’t go to plan?
There wasn’t anything major that didn’t go to plan. I mean in hindsight there’s always things we look back on and say, “That could have been better”, like some performances and we always want to hit the promotion circuit as much as possible. We are our biggest critics and we never want to play it safe.

You’re currently gearing up to release your brand new single Loco Lifestyle – what’s the story behind the song?
Well the lyrics came from Darrell, so this is our first joint effort that’s been put out. Darrell gave the lyrics to Richey who worked on some ideas and then presented it the band. Musically it’s very catchy, very radio friendly. We wanted that sound to try out and see if we could make that type of record. The lyrics are quite personal to Darrell; I think it’s about leaving something behind and looking to the future with something new, better lifestyle.

Can you describe your writing and recording process?
Richey is the main songwriter, so he’ll present some new songs to the guys and they’ll work through and see what works and what doesn’t. He’ll then spend time with Darrell and get the melody with the lyrics they have. The recording process is usually capturing the heart of the band, we like to get the bones of the song down and add all the clever bits, and with Greg Haver in charge it was in good hands.

Loco Lifestyle is the first of two upcoming singles – what can you tell me about the second one?
The second single is called Wishing Well which is quite different to Loco Lifestyle, its a bit darker in tone and has a big powerful chorus, its more in keeping with Feverglass which was on the EP and was popular with our fans.

How would you describe your live show to someone who hasn’t seen you yet?
Full of energy, plenty of crowd involvement, loud and dirty rock and roll. We always try getting everyone having fun.

What would you say the best show you’ve played has been?
There’s been a lot I guess. The local gigs are always more nervous as your playing to people who know you, we did a charity event called Halton Rocks which was superb and we headlined at a venue called The Box which was very awesome.

Any interesting gig stories?
There’s a few but some you couldn’t print! Haha! No, Phil the bass player has lost his glasses a few times rocking out too much, or Richey’s amp blowing up half way through a gig which wasn’t great.

If you could collaborate with another band or musician, who would it be?
In the great hall of bands I guess it would have to be the big bands like Queen or Led Zep, but bands out now, maybe the Foos or Queens of the Stone Age…Arctic Monkeys would be decent too.

And if you could get another band to cover one of your songs, who would it be and what song?
I’d like to see the Foo’s tackle one, maybe Plastic Rock, or maybe Metallica could try Gunshot.

And finally – if The Sonic Revolvers could put their name to any product, what would it be?
We would have our own brand of condoms! Slogans like “Protect your Revolver” or “Don’t let your Revolver fire too early.” It’s something to think about when we want to sell out!!

Loco Lifestyle Review

Sonic Revolvers Loco LifestyleWe covered The Sonic Revolvers’ last EP Suns Of Mercury last year (see here) and described it as absolutely brilliant stuff from a massive-sounding band, but to say they’ve set the bar even higher with this single is a bit of an understatement.

If you thought their old stuff was great, just wait until you hear this because it’s on a whole new level. It’s got a great crispness to its sound and sounds so fresh and new. The band haven’t changed their sound as such, but it just feels like they’re a little more in their comfort zone with Loco Lifestyle, sounding incredibly at-ease and relaxed throughout the track’s duration, which is great to hear. It’s memorable for all the right reasons and it’s infectiously catchy, one of those songs with a chorus destined to be stuck in your head for days. The instrumentation has a nice warm tone to it and the vocals are top-notch. In fact, the track sounds like one of those feel-good summer tracks and makes you think of warm beaches and sunny horizons!

A fantastic song that you’ll keep wanting to come back to – if there’s any justice then this band will be taking the UK by storm in 2014!


The band will also be heading out on tour very soon. Check them out at one of the following dates:

Sonic Revolvers Tour

The Sonic Revolvers: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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