The Sonic Revolvers – Autology Review

autology the sonic revolversThe Sonic Revolvers are back with their latest EP Autology and it’s a great listen, although admittedly doesn’t tread any new ground for the band.

Featuring their single Blackstar along with four newer songs, it’s a solid release with plenty of hooks and melodies to get stuck in your head. The vocals are once again powerful and emotive, really delivering each line with substance and emotion, with opener Bullet Heart being a particularly good example of this. It’s a faster song with a lot of punch to it and features one of those choruses that is such an earworm you’ll surely find yourself humming along to it for days.

Meanwhile, third track An American City is a track seemingly on the opposite end of the spectrum. Taking a mainly acoustic approach, it’s a rawer track and the simplicity of it works well, showing that the band doesn’t need showy and complex performances for their tracks to work.

As a whole, Autology is a good EP but when you compare it to their earlier EPs, there isn’t really much that sets it apart from their other releases. It’s clear that The Sonic Revolvers have found a formula that works for them but on the other hand it would definitely be nice if they had mixed things up a bit, just to give their music a little more variety.


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