The Room Colored Charlatan – The Veil That Conceals Review

the room colored charlatanThe Room Colored Charlatan are back with their new album The Veil That Conceals and whilst it’s a decent enough listen, it doesn’t really tread any new ground for the band and at times it is a little difficult to fully connect with.

The songwriting and performances are musically sound, featuring some absolutely glorious riffwork and once again the clean and harsh vocals are juxtaposed tremendously against one another, but the music doesn’t quite immerse you – there’s nothing that makes the tracks truly memorable and it’s a shame because there’s no doubting the band’s skill.

That’s not to say The Veil That Conceals is bad. Middle track Introspection is a standout number, featuring some tremendous clean vocals oozing with passion that seem tailor-made for singing along to in a live environment, and the way the track effortlessly switches from a heavy style to a softer style is something to behold.

As a whole, The Veil That Conceals does leave a little to be desired. It’s definitely a good album, but it doesn’t quite make the step up from ‘good’ to ‘great’ and it’s a shame because The Room Colored Charlatan have potential but it seems a little wasted this time around.


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