The Room Colored Charlatan – Primitives Review

Primitives room colored charlatanIt’s always nice to have a bit of aggression, just like it’s nice to have a bit of melody, but few bands have quite mastered the art of seamlessly blending the two together – however, that’s where The Room Colored Charlatan comes in. With crushingly powerful vocals atop of fantastically heavy riffs blended seamlessly with stunning melodies and chilled-out clean vocals, Primitives is an album that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Primitives is just interesting from the get-go with opener Instinct gripping your attention with intriguing and haunting melodies before practically punching you in the face with some of the most impressive and meaty vocals I’ve heard in a fair while. It’s almost like two different songs merged into one jaw-droppingly stunning offering and it’s a strong beginning to an all-round strong album.

The title track is perhaps the most stunning of the album, a majestic epic that goes full circle by cleverly ending how it begins and it almost feels like The Room Colored Charlatan take you on a mini adventure as the track progresses. The softer sections go hand-in-hand with the heavier parts and it just wouldn’t sound right without one or the other.

Quite simply, not only is Primitives is a standout release, it’s also a widely accessible album and The Room Colored Charlatan certainly have the raw materials to make it very far in the industry.


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