The Projectionist – Now It’s Time To Carve The Pigs Review

Owing to being a huge fan of the louder genres of music, I’ve listened to enough bands to know that sometimes massive walls of noise work, and sometimes they don’t. Unfortunately for The Projectionist, their EP Now It’s Time To Carve The Pigs falls into the latter category.

The thing that instantly hits you about this release is the sheer racket; it almost feels like this band wants to make as much noise as they can and subsequently feels like there isn’t much structure to it due to everything being thrown at you at once. If things were more gradual or a little more melodic in parts, it would probably make for a more satisfying release.

There really isn’t much tune to opener Kreed Kafer, with twanging guitars sounding like they’re being aimlessly strummed and the vocals on top not adding anything more to the track. There is a fantastic rumbly bass tone hidden underneath it all though, which gives the song a good thick sound underneath the not-so-good parts.

The second track Hide From The Tracks is pretty good however! The vocals slot in nicely over the guitars and the guitar ‘twiddles’ give the track some much-needed melody. Not really a fan of the high-pitched feedback near the end, but other than that, it’s alright and the band definitely made the right choice in choosing this track as the one to film a video for.

Unfortunately Carve The Pigs carries on where the first track left off and although it sounds like a track that would probably come across quite well live due to the group vocal section at the start that is simply crying out for a bit of crowd participation, there isn’t much tune or killer riffs within it, so it falls a little flat.

The EP ends how it begins – aggressively. I love a bit of aggression and cacophony to my music, as in my opinion it really helps to give tracks another dimension, but it was a struggle to fully connect with this because it honestly feels this band are just making noise for the sake of being as loud as they possibly can, and it becomes a little tiresome after a while.

Sounds like they’d put on one hell of an impressive live show though!


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