The October Game – Balancing Review

Balancing is the third full length from Hertfordshire based alternative rock quintet The October Game who themselves has referred to it as their most expansive and ambitious record to date.

The record itself is certainly ambitious mixing elements of electro, indie pop, atmospheric post rock, and a decidedly British vocal throughout the 54 plus minutes on offer, the problem is on some tracks the balance is near flawless whilst on others it misses the mark and somewhat trudges along begging not to be skipped.

That being said some highlights on offer include Answers & Keys, single We Built This Wall to Destroy It and I Hope You Get What You Wanted. All three tracks show great potential and the versatile range the band contains going between industrial maestros and talented yet simplistic electro popstars that can when pushed leave a hook and refrain so catchy you’ll find yourself whistling it for weeks to come.

The eccentrically titled Sneaky Beaky is an interesting creature mixing the above elements discussed above with modern day folk finishing with a wall of abrasive noise which is confusing but feels right at the same time.

The end of the record consists of the best tracks on the album Labyrinth and Recover. Both tracks are fantastic slices of electro tinged ambient post rock, both lasting over 6 minutes each which manages to keep the listeners attention for the duration.

If The October Game produces more tracks similar to the last couple of songs they could very well release a genre defining classic in years to come.


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