Theocracy – Ghost Ship Review

theocracy-ghost-shipIn accordance with the lore as stated by the good Wikipedia it is said that Theocracy are a Christian progressive power metal band. Scholars and other adepts of the metal have been in disagreement as to what this actually means. After all the slander Christians have bestowed upon the metal is this an act of reparations or are they really glam?

All the answers and more can be found elsewhere as what matters here is music and as Herman Melville wrote in Moby Dick: “Better sleep with a sober glam metaller than a drunken Christian.”

Ghost Ship is the name of Theocracy’s fourth studio album and it sets sail like an aircraft carrier armed to the gunnels with music missiles in the form of killer licks that survey over the riffs. Adding to their arsenal is the evil destroying laser chorus technique that will cut you down with shreds and resonate through you with its light fantastic.

It’s really easy to get carried away in the throes of this album. Without being too grandiose, its form is epic with the bands’ incendiary passion leading them through the valley of deaf ears. Theocracy’s virulent love of music is contagious and you could power a hamlet just by wiring up the lines of hair whipping windmills that their riffs incite.

The album isn’t without its darker moments however. Although it accords hope throughout its temperament, augmented by its bright guitar sound that makes harmonies crispier than the winter sun on a frosty morning, it’s perhaps cold with its affluent cadences. The solos lend themselves towards technical prowess in their complexity and push the feeling on, meditating style and carrying the mood with them.

Breaking the Sixth Commandment of the Christian doctrine Theocracy have crafted a killer album with the power to slay the unbelievers of Cheesus. Also with more glam than say more pretentious heavy metal, an esoteric sect of the mighty cheesus metal, Ghost Ship is a fantastic voyage through exotic soundscapes.


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