The Murderburgers – Gwdihŵ, Cardiff 13/03/13

March 13 marked an evening of lively punk music at Gwdihŵ, with performances from Hipflask, Not Since The Accident and The Murderburgers.

Things got off to a good start with Hipflask (7/10), who played a catchy and fast-paced set, with a good amount of crowd participation – at one point, they even got a member of the crowd to count them in! They finished their set with a cover of Dammit by Blink-182, which was a great rendition of the track and very well-received.

Keeping up the pace was Not Since The Accident (8/10). Having seen them in the past, I was looking forward to seeing them again, and they didn’t disappoint. Playing a good-length set, they stormed through a great mix of songs, with a lot of movement and energy about the stage, evidenced by guitarist Steve dropping his pick and continuing to frantically strum his guitar before picking it up just in time for his solo!

Headlining the gig was Scottish band The Murderburgers (9/10), who played powered through a lively set, the songs blending seamlessly into one another as the set progressed. Briefly stopping to tell us that not having a setlist was “punk rock”, the three-piece sped through a perfect mix of songs, all of them fast and packing a punch, their set finishing with two members of the crowd dancing about the floor. Definitely a band you need to see live if you get the chance.

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  1. Missed the awesome Murderburgers at Gwdihŵ?
    You have another chance to catch this fantastic pop punk trio at Hobo’s in Bridgend on Wed 24th April where they will be joined by the whiskey soaked gruff punk of Cardiff’s Question The Mark.

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