Interview with The Motive

Up and coming pop punk band The Motive have taken the time out to answer obscure questions for us!

How did you get started?
The Motive all came together bit by bit really.

Glenn: Myself and Micheal already played in a band together previously and decided to put this new unit together, firstly inviting my brother Craig to play keyboards and to try and fill in that low end as it was difficult to find a bass player.
And not realising Chris played guitar we eventually invited him to join us and give us a bigger sound.

Our newest member Robin is from Durham Robin joined us just before we played in London at the end of July. 
Mike and Chris introduced him to us, and they met him through another friend on a night out.

What have you got going on at the moment?
(Tell us a little about your latest work, is it a quick and easy writing process or do you take your time)

Our debut album ‘It’s Not Just A Journey…’ is out now and available to download on itunes and purchase at Spillers Cardiff or at any of our upcoming events. You can also download the tracks LoveHATE!! and Lesson To Be Learnt for free from our Facebook page.

We have recently started work on our next project. Recording is due to begin at the end of November. Hoping for it to be released beginning of 2013.

Sometimes some songs are easier than others to put together. Most songs seem to just write themselves.For example, one if our new songs ‘No Matter What’ was played for the 1st time together at the end of a rehearsal. Next we were performing it at live the O2 academy2 in London a day or 2 later.

What was your favourite song to write?
Our favourite song that we have written so far is song called Prostitutes And Drug Dealers, the bonus track on our current album. It’s about a pub that I used to go to called the Potters Wheel in Rumney Cardiff. But after speaking to a friend of mine I realised that it wasn’t the only pub around like it (laughs). We all had great fun writing that song and I think you can here that in the recording!

Strangest gig you’ve ever played?
Not so much strange but awkward. We played for some lady’s leaving doo for a cricket club up in Pentyrch. I don’t think we were quite what they were expecting (laughs).

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? 
Finding a bass player was a bit of a challenge. Took us almost a year to find a bass player let alone somebody that was interested and fitted into the band that we all got along with.

One guy I asked was going to try out with us. But then he got electrocuted in work one day and then couldn’t play bass for like 6 months or something.

On a serious note. Funding is probably one of the most difficult things we’ve had since we’ve been together. As an unsigned band we obviously have to try and fund everything ourselves. And working on such a low budget it’s difficult to string money together to rehearse, to record, to transport ourselves around and to help promote ourselves. But we somehow still manage to do it.

Hardest thing about the current business?
Promoting ourselves legally!

Ninja, Pirate, Ghost or Cowboy?
A cowboy eating, ghost busting, ninja fighting pirate.

What’s playing on your iPod right now?
Coldplay – Politik
Just got Coldplay on shuffle right now.

If you could travel back to any era which would it be?
Would like to go back to when Michael Jackson was performing on his dangerous tour. Got it on DVD and would have loved to have seen him in action.

I remember waking up late one night when I was younger and catching I think it was MJ’s 40th birthday celebration live on the tv. He only did a couple of songs but i thought it was amazing he could still do all the moves and entertain.

Tell our readers and interesting fact about the band?
Mike was in an episode of Casualty when he was a baby. Somebody tried to steal him. Not literally but in the script.

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