The Mirror Trap – Simulations Review

the mirror trap simulationsThe new album Simulations by alt-rockers The Mirror Trap is an interesting listen. There’s a lot of passion and emotion in the delivery from both the vocals and the instrumentation, but on the other hand it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, as such.

Simulations is by no means a bad album but at times it feels like there could be a bit more variety between the songs and it’s like The Mirror Trap haven’t found their identity yet as it doesn’t quite have their own “stamp” on it. However, The Mirror Trap have definitely mastered the art of writing an earworm or two, as there’s plenty of occasions on the album where songs will wind up stuck in your head – the chorus of closer Bleach Your Bones will have you wanting to join in singing at the top of your voice, and earlier track No ID is delivered with so much passion that you can almost hear the band putting their heart and soul into it all.

The songs are good, but as a whole, The Mirror Trap sound like a lot of other bands emerging from the alt-rock genre at present. There’s no doubting that Simulations is an accessible album, but it would be nice to see the band stepping outside of the box a little more with their next release.


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