The Material – Everything I Want To Say Review

The Material – Everything I Want To Say


I’ve been a huge fan of The Material for some time, in fact the bands ‘To Weather The Storm’ was one of the first things I ever reviewed for Soundscape and is still one of my favourites.

‘Everything I Want To Say’ is the bands second full length album and fourth independent release and definitely continues the bands tradition of amazing songwriting.

Opener ‘Life Vest’ starts off fairly sedate with just Colleen’s voice and a guitar but then kicks into a menacing, brooding number with a huge chorus, an instant favourite of mine and a perfect album opener.

This band are definitely on the more edgier end of modern rock and the songs are huge sounding, with razor sharp guitars courtesy of Jon Moreaux and Roi Elam and catchy melodies, but it is the quality of the songwriting and the outstanding, passionate, soulful and powerhouse vocals of Colleen D’Agostino that really shine here.

The fast paced and harder edged ‘Born To Make A Sound’ and the emotional ‘Running Away’ are perfect examples of this, the passion in Colleen’s voice is evident in every word she sings.

Each track is excellent and it sounds amazing, produced by Kyle Black (who incidentally was a member of one of my favourite bands, Nural), he really gets the best from the band, who are completed by Kevin Pintado playing Drums and Jordan Meckley on Bass and the musicianship is top notch with the album sounding polished and clean but also fresh and raw.

The album ends with my favourite song on it, ‘Chances’, a brilliant song all about the ups and downs of being in a band and loving music, and that to me really sums up The Material, who really have to be one the most criminally underrated bands around at the moment and should by all rights be huge and are definitely worthy of your love and support.

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