The Magic Lightnin’ Boys – Stealin’ Thunder Review

Stealin Thunder CD CoverAll the way from Cincinnati Ohio comes the awesome swamp rock and blues infused sound of The Magic Lightnin’ Boys. With their aggressively awesome new album titled Stealin’ Thunder, it looks as though The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are looking to give us all that thunder back, trust me, this is one high octane album.

The first track titled Bones is gritty and trail-worn in its sound. A catchy slide guitar mixed up with some shakers, some pure rock drums, and vocals that catch the very essence of this powerful genre. The one thing that stood out most is how much this song sounded like it was being played live in an old dusty pub that hands out whiskey as if it was water. A great track, and a solid choice in how to introduce new fans to this bands great music.

Before The Storm follows in the footsteps of Bones, and it does not disappoint. Beautiful in the way it has been composed, and every musical note is given a life of its own, and of course the mixing is exactly what it should be; inspired. It is a short instrumental, but it packs some realy emotion into those few minutes.

The current single that is being promoted, along with a video, is titled The Ride, and that is exactly what this song is. This track is a true journey through the musical senses. With the familiar gritty vocals laid over a riff as rock and roll as it gets, this song reminds me of something Shamans Harvest would have attempted. Not the most complicated of tracks on the album, The Ride does show a certain amount of professional restraint in the composition. It is always what it needs go be and nothing more, and although it doesn’t redefine the genre, it definitely adds to it.

Stealin’ Thunder by The Magic Lightnin’ Boys is a juggernaut of an album. It has great music composition, solid mixing, and enough energy and emotion packed within to power Ohio itself. It would be a shame for you to miss this album, so take my word for it, don’t.


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