The Lost Poets – Insubordia Pt. II Review

the lost poetsDo you like music that hits hard, goes for the jugular, plays with your emotions, and inspires you to create? Then look no further than the new album Insubordia Pt. II, by The Lost Poets. This musical act takes its cues from bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Godsmack; all bands worthy of taking inspiration from.

Opening with the dark and oppressive warning song Insubordia Pt. II, The Lost Poets channel a sound that feels like it is casting a spell of sorts. This is an absolutely awesome way to start an album if you are looking to take names and kick some ass.

Following in the footsteps of the first track, Danny Electro is a track that is as grungy and dark as it gets. This track reminds me of something you would have heard off of Alice In Chains, Dirt. It feels very much like the song desires to place your mental state in a hole and then forces you to try and crawl out. Oppressive, powerful and engaging; all signs of a solid song.

Moving on through the album it is clear that The Lost Poets gain their strength from treading dark paths. Every song is emotionally challenging and intense, even the instrumentals speak for themselves. Songs like In A Wasetland and In Filth are like postcards from hell. They are as dark and creative as some of Bowies darker tracks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is where these tracks gathered some inspiration from.

Ending this sludgy rock album with Monomyth was a great artistic choice. The song itself is slower than the rest, just as oppressive as the rest, and it leaves you feeling a bit worn out from the emotional journey that The Lost Poets have taken us through.

For many shiny people this album will potentially be looked over as it does challenge the listener to walk through a vulnerable mindset. For all the others that are looking to dig a bit deeper, get a bit dirtier, and see how far the rabbit hole goes, Insubordia Pt. II by The Lost Poets is exactly what you are looking for in a soundtrack to your descent.


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