The Lion And The Wolf – The Cardiac Hotel Review

tlatw-cover-digitalwebresWhen you come across a musician with a really strong work ethic, this is a trait that often shines out in their music and one such example is The Lion And The Wolf (aka Thomas George), who is just about to release his second album The Cardiac Hotel.

The Cardiac Hotel is a collection of eleven beautiful songs that will send a shiver down your spine. The emotion that shines through in the vocals is fantastic, as always, and one of the things I’ve always admired about The Lion And The Wolf is the fact that no matter how the songs are presented or performed – be that as a full band, or simply Thomas on his own with a guitar onstage – they’re always very impactful and moving, which is surely testament to fantastic songwriting.

There’s plenty of great inclusions on the album, from the powerfully emotive My Father’s Eyes (previously released as a single last year), to the somewhat lighter (at least in style!) number Walk On The Moon. This one features a great little brass section and a wonderfully-punctuated spoken ‘announcement’ in the latter half of the track, and it has an all-round airy, almost-dreamlike feel to it as a whole, which really works.

It could perhaps benefit from a little more variety between songs, but nevertheless, this is another great little release from The Lion And The Wolf – but of course, I expected nothing less. Make sure you don’t miss this album!


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