Behind The Scenes: The Kut On The Artwork Of Rock Paper Scissors

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The Kut’s latest milestone is new EP, Rock Paper Scissors and it sees the trio – Vocalist Princess Maha, drummer Violet Cannibal and bassist/vocalist Alison Wood – taking a more stripped back, visceral approach toward their Riot Grrrl tainted alt-rock. Twinkling guitars, accompanied by harsh growls and contrastingly sweet melodies. Set for release on April 13th, 2015 via Criminal Records, here Maha discusses the creation of the artwork for Rock Paper Scissors…


The artwork for Rock Paper Scissors was designed by tattoo artist Luke Sayer of Samsara Tattoo studios in Kendal. He’s a good friend of mine, in fact we met a couple of years ago after I was DJing the Club Criminal event in Carlisle. Back then it was held at Club Rock with the bouncy castle and all the works haha, fun times.

He’s been doing really well with his art, I’m personally a big fan and follow all his updates. He has won awards including one last year for his black and grey Marilyn Monroe tattoo at Cariad Ink Festival. He’s also been heading out to some very cool places for some of the great conventions, the most recent being in Maastrict, and he’s had work featured in Kustom Art Magazine. Seriously I could not big him up enough, it’s great to meet really inspiring people who are talented and work hard at what they do. Kudos Luke!

We know how busy he is, and aside from the few last min tattoos he shouts out on social media, he’s booked up for the entirety of the next year! So we were super happy when he was up for doing the artwork for the EP. All we had was the EP title, and he had free reign to come up with whatever he wanted. We knew he would come up with something great. The art represents the EP title, with Rock being represented by the diamond, Paper being the CD sleeve itself, and the Scissors styled on a vintage pair, featuring a skull detail in the centre. I don’t have any tattoos myself, but if I was to ever have one, it would be by him. Most likely it would be the scissors on the cover. In case it wasn’t already clear, we love his work, seriously, check it out:

The Kut release Rock Paper Scissors via Criminal Records on April 13th. Watch video single Alekhine’s Gun here:

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