The Kinison – Oh, The Guilt Review

Los Angeles has nurtured rock band The Kinison since they released their debut EP in 2005. Now, it is 2013 and the band are back and ready to blow us away with their latest EP Oh, The Guilt. The definite stand out track is What Would You Do.

Oh, The Guilt is being released as a single but will include two live tracks which are Stevie Nicks vs. Nikki Six and What Would You Do. The latter is different and a track that most audiences will love.  In the modern era of music, most tracks are mainly vocals but here, The Kinison has used mainly instruments with very little vocals. With guitarist Guy showing us the intricate ways of making his fingers fly across the frets, there’s no doubt that this band oozes potential and sophistication.

The single Oh, The Guilt is one of those songs that will stick in your head for a long time. It’s not the best song but with its repetitiveness and blown out drums, you cannot help but love it. Vocalist Christopher’s haunting, melodic voice for the chorus is a brilliant contrast with the chanting chorus. The piano in this track is also a huge contrast with the other two tracks on this EP. Even though pianist Brian is on the other tracks, it’s Oh, The Guilt that shows off his talent and makes this song impressive.

This EP is an improvement on their debut EP What Are You Listening To? but they still have a long way to go to capture the wider audience.


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