The Karma Party – Illumination Review

The Karma Party IlluminationThe Karma Party are back with their brand new EP Illumination and it’s a succinct and to-the-point release that really plays on the band’s strengths and showcases exactly what they’re capable of.

Illumination is a rather lyric-driven release, with the band not mincing their words to speak their mind about matters and issues we’re faced with in this day and age, tackling problems such as war and government spying, amongst other relevant subjects. The sheer amount of passion behind the vocal delivery says it all and for that, the band should be commended.

The music content is excellent too and what’s good is that The Karma Party aren’t afraid to try new and innovative ideas, mixing up different genres and styles into one incredible mix. There’s a lot of versatility, with piano sections blending perfectly with rap sections and massive-sounding singalong vocals complementing some of the more electronic moments. A particular highlight is second track Under Surveillance, which is perhaps one of the angrier tracks of the release, and it just manages to worm its way into your head and stay there for days – which is somewhat ironic, given the lyric content.

If you’re looking for a band that knows what’s up with the world at the moment, whilst also making excellent and powerful music, then look no further than The Karma Party – who are surely set to take the country by storm if this EP is anything to go by.


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