The Jellycats – When I Do Review

The Jellycats – When I Do

The new album from Essex based punk-pop/ska band The Jellycats ‘When I Do’ has just hit the internet. The buzz so far is nothing but positive and it’s not hard to see why.

The Jellycats are, in their own words, Emma “Turn my vocals down…” May – Vocals, Rob “Jonson” Allen – Bass, Stu “I don’t need this” Cooper – Drums, Ollie “Precocious C***” Cooper – Guitar/Vocals and Alex “The Horn” Pollock – Trumpet/Trombone/Talking on drummers guide and this 12 track album takes a humorous little poke at everything from themselves and self-confidence to politics, even the interlude manages to playfully poke fun at their drummer with the same playful personality they gave us with ‘T-W-A-T’, their entry in the 2012 Red Bull Ballroom Jam. (Also appearing on the album.)

While the album is musically reminiscent of bands such as Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake, they’ve injected their own personality into their songs with a complimenting mixture of Emma’s cheeky vocals, energetic catchy hooks and bouncy melodies.

There isn’t a bad track on here and the sheer amount of energy throughout makes every track a must listen to, making it a great choice to put on at home and dance around to as you get ready for a night out.

You can download the album for free right here —>

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