The JB Conspiracy – The Storm Review

It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but The JB Conspiracy’s second full-length album The Storm is finally here – and to say it’s worth the wait is an understatement.

Ska is a genre known for its energy and that’s exactly what stands out about The Storm. It’s just brimming with energy and you can’t help but want to move about to a lot of the songs on the album, with a particularly great example of this being second track Say Goodbye. As well as being mindblowingly catchy, it’s a well-constructed song that really showcases how great and talented this band are. It feels like every single member has time to shine within the track and it’s a song you’ll just keep coming back to.

One of the highlights of the album has got to be Drop Your Anchor. The chorus is massively memorable and you’ll find yourself singing along to it by the end of your first listen. Sure, it may not be one of the more fast-paced songs of the album but it shows the band’s versatility and that there’s more to them than just speedy in-your-face tracks (even if that’s what they do best!).

The album dips a little at the end, with Ghosts and Peace Of Mind not really packing the same punch as the rest of the songs. They’re not quite as memorable and almost feel like they don’t fit in, which is a shame because the rest of the album is completely faultless, but it ends on a high with title track The Storm, which is one final burst of energy and melody before it brings the album to an incredibly satisfying close.

The JB Conspiracy have got something special with The Storm. It’s not only a must-have for anyone who loves their ska, it’s a must-have for anyone full-stop and is an engaging release you’ll just keep coming back to.


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