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the-isolaton-process-cover-300dpiConsisting of members of the now-split-up Lingua, this self-titled release is The Isolation Process’ debut album and it’s a fantastic listen that’s well worth a closer look.

It’s always great when an album has a good, strong introduction and the awesomely heavy wall of guitar (but somewhat misleading as I half-expected the track to progress into brutally screamed vocals and heavy riffage afterwards!) at the start of A Simple Gesture really piques your interest and that’s before the vocals even kick in. Wonderfully meaty vocals with a fantastic gravelly tone to them, they’re a great asset to The Isolation Process’ sound.

There are some really strong songs on this album, with the calmer number Underneath It All giving Thomas time to shine with a stunning vocal performance and slightly noisier track Victims Of The Masses injects some more energy into the album with fast-paced and full-on guitar lines nestled into the track at certain intervals.

It Will Burn is the runaway success of the album. Beginning with clashing guitar tones, it leads nicely into the vocals and backs them up nicely as the song progresses. The balance is just right, giving it that extra sparkle, and the slightly quieter and laid-back section in the middle divides it up nicely.

A great album that looks set to take 2014 by storm, especially if you’re into the heavier side of progressive music. Awesome stuff.


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