The Hypothesis – Origin Review

The Hypothesis OriginAlthough The Hypothesis have actually been about since 2009, 2016 is the year that marks the band releasing their debut album and has it been worth the wait? Most definitely!

Origin is a nine-track album jam-packed with fantastic songs and it showcases a band that is on top of their game – it’s a tight and together album that is a joy to listen to, with The Hypothesis getting the balance between the aggression and melody just right. Additionally, the sheer energy packed into the delivery of the music is wonderful to witness – and I can only imagine how well this band must deliver in a live environment as a result!

Opener Shades To Escape is an early highlight, packing a punch with some powerful vocals coupled with some excellent synths, and it really sets the scene well for what the listener can expect as the album progresses, with other songs such as Scarface and previous single Eye For An Eye also serving as standout moments on the piece.

The only problem with¬†Origin, which is albeit only a minor nuance, is that a lot of the songs seem to follow the same song structure.¬†This means that at times the album does lack in variety but honestly, when there isn’t a single song on the album that stands out as being bad, it’s clear the band have done something right!

As a whole, this is a great debut offering from The Hypothesis, with a lot of potential for the band to grow and evolve as they progress. If you haven’t checked this band out yet, then what are you waiting for?


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