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The Hype Theory, a band we’ve covered and loved here at Soundscape since debut mini album Kid At Heart, have just released their debut album Captives. We took this oppertunity to catch up with Katy Jackson, singer in this Essex based five piece, to tell us about the songs that make up Captives.

This title track was written to set the tone for the whole album and to mark the start of a new sound for us. A more mature and settled sound. This song means a lot to us because it outlines how hard it can be trying to make it as a band in such a tough industry which is so saturated with bands.

Heartsick is about the lovesick feeling you get when you think you’re falling in love with someone. It’s a song which we can all relate to as individuals and hopefully the people listening to the track can too.

If You’re Going Down
This is a song which is about us as a band, how we all have low points on tour, or at home and we help pick each other back up again. We are like a family.

More Dead Than Alive
About the smoke and mirrors the system put up around us all to mask what’s really going on. Times are hard for everyone at the moment, especially within the music industry and the way it is developing. This song reflects how we feel at times, more dead than alive because of the shackles that stop us from living.

Because the dream is always better than the reality, so why wake up? This is a favourite for most of us in the band, because we get to let off some steam about the bad times, and get lost in the good times.

Not Sorry
A love song, a love song about how hard it is to find something perfect and keep a tight grip on it and sometimes you think maybe it would all be easier without it.

Push Comes To Shove
This is a song written about believing in someone and them letting you down time and time again. When faced with a choice, will we change or will we always remain the same.

About being young and confused about everything but knowing that you always have one constant in your life that you can follow and will keep you on track, what ever that may be. For us, its the music.

War Cry
This song is about fighting for what you believe in, even if no one around you believes in you or what you stand for. We have experienced this a lot in the industry, as have many bands, Its about keeping on going.

Believe Me I’m A Liar
This is about the people we used to be, the reckless kids who didn’t care who they hurt or about anyone apart from them selves. The people that we are not anymore, this was an important track for us, we needed to recognize our older selves to make us better people now.

This track is about the music, everything we write and everything we do, its running through every vein in our bodies and its all everything we have ever done has been about.

Summer Rose
Is a song for anyone who has lost somebody too young, we all think we are invincible and it hits you so hard when you realise that we can be here one day and not the next. It’s a harsh reality to face, and one we all have to face one day.

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