The House Of Capricorn – Morning Star Rise Review

The House Of Capricorn Morning Star RiseThe House Of Capricorn are back with their third full-length album Morning Star Rise and it’s another great offering from the New Zealander outfit.

Morning Star Rise gets right to the point with opener The Road To Hell Is Marked – there’s no elaborate introduction and the listener is thrown right into the song, and it just works. There’s a great amount of energy and the track as a whole flows exceptionally well, and is a hard-hitting song that sets the scene well for the rest of the release.

Things progress well from there, with inclusions such as Our Shrouded King and Watching Angels Fall being particularly strong tracks. Something that is particularly good is the vocals; they’re powerful yet not overpowering, and glide smoothly atop of the music, adding something special to it all.

At times, the album is a bit more of a difficult listen because The House Of Capricorn have stuck with the same rigid style throughout – it would have perhaps been a bit more of an engaging listen if there was a little more variation between the songs, but as a whole it’s a great listen and The House Of Capricorn could well become a force to be reckoned with in years to come, if this is anything to go by.


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