Behind The Scenes: The Artwork Of So This Is Home By The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place So This Is Home

Offering up a layer cake of ideas, ambition and thumping conviction, So This Is Home is a positively widescreen presentation; brimming with sumptuous melodies and brazen guitar attacks, the quintet cleverly intersperse their post-hardcore with twinkling moments of downbeat ambience. We caught up with Phil to guide us through the creation of the artwork accompanying this musical soundscape…

We started the process of arranging artwork by reaching out to Tom Lacey to see if he was interested in working with us. Being a designer myself I really liked the idea of having someone who has influenced me step in and take the reigns. We’ve always been big fans of Tom’s former band The Ghost of a Thousand and I was always inspired by the way he was in a great band and also able to design artwork for other artists. I loved the work he did with The Ghost of a Thousand, but also with acts like Frank Turner, La Dispute and Sharks.

Tom was really enthusiastic about the project. We started to trade ideas and vibes for our release and it moved forward from there. He sent over mood boards and concepts on a regular basis and things started to grow. The band had been really influenced by the paranormal and strange occurrences throughout our time of recording, in addition to seeing these grainy hoax videos of people floating in weird landscape, so we thought that would be a really cool starting point and would look different to anything else out there.

Tom came back to us with almost the final design after we had sent him the lyrics and the ideas behind the songs.
The design is really grainy to get a mysterious vibe going and primarily features a misshapen figure floating vertically, but if you rotate the artwork onto its side there’s actually a landscape inside the figure. We absolutely loved the design and asked Tom to carry that style throughout the rest of the digipak. We’re really happy with the artwork and can’t wait for people to see the double meaning!


So This Is Home was released on 1st September 2014.

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