The Golden Grass – Self-Titled Review

The Golden Grass 2014The Golden Grass have a really 1970’s feel to them. Their 5 track EP, emulates that sunny summer’s of the 70’s sounds and despite its short length, you really get a strong sense of the influences.

Opening track, Please Man takes a while to get started, but once it does, you entirely understand that 70’s feel. The guitar is long and drawn out, the drums are hectic but driving.

Stuck On A Mountain is very much a prog-rock track through and through. It’s lengthy whisping guitars and echoing vocal parts.

Like with all prog-rock, there is a very repeatitive nature to the main riff and even sometimes the lyrics or lyric style. “Easy rider woman” is said a fair few times in track One More Time. If you like prog, this is fine. However, if prog isn’t really your thing, it’s easy to see how this can become annoying. I fall someone in the middle. I appreciate elements of it, sadly this is not one of them, but this is just the conventions of a genre I dance the lines of.

If prog-rock from the 70’s is your thing, you’ll love this EP. It’s not entirely my favourite thing in the world, but it’s definitely been done well on this EP and The Golden Grass certainly knows what they’re doing with it. So it’s at least worth checking out to see how modern bands can do old school styles well.


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