The Gifted – Inside Out Review

Having dedicated fans is probably the most important thing for a band and if you disagree, go and ask The Gifted, a post-industrial band from Sheffield. Their current album Inside Out was funded by their fans in a Pledge Music campaign.

Inside Out consists of eight songs, vigorous guitars and powerful vocals. Why (Make Me Feel This Way?) starts with a fantastic intro and leads to Artificial Happines, a song which needs extra attention. There are the typical electric guitars in the beginning when suddenly they’re replaced by acoustic guitars and a piano for a while until it’s getting heavier again. 
The Gifted are obviously gifted (no pun intended) with some amazingly talented guitarists, which you can hear in song number four, Smile, which is only instrumental apart from the speech at the beginning. 
We’re back to vocals with Break, which creates a fierce atmosphere that is in the air throughout the next three songs and if you want to enjoy some more awesome guitar parts, go to the song that names the album: Inside Out.

Home terminates the album and stands out against the other tracks because the piano is back and the electric guitars join in the middle of the song. Furthermore, vocalist Andy Clarke shows that he can’t only transfer aggressive feelings but is also able to create a rather sad atmosphere with clean vocals.

With this album, The Gifted show that they belong in this genre and don’t plan on leaving it anytime soon.


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