The Front Bottoms – Rose Review

The Front Bottoms - RoseThe Front Bottoms, the alternative acoustic punk band, have released an EP of some re-imaged songs off their older self released albums. It’s called Rose.

Flying Model Rockets opens the EP with a gradual build up into the verse which shows Brian Sella’s unique, enticing vocals and Mathew Uychich upbeat complex drumming. One of the stand out features of the band are the story’s and clever lyrical work and Flying Model Rockets is no exception. The band ooze creativity and they show this throughout every song on the EP and the production on Flying Model Rockets is very well done.

Be Nice To Me is an upbeat song instrumentally with some clever vocal work using both Brian and Mathews distinct voices. The lyrical content rather dark, but the upbeat tempo disguises this as an upbeat song. The guitar work shows that the band can play more than just power chords with a catchy riff. The killer chorus makes it easy to sing along due to the simplicity of it making it easy to imbed its self in your head.

Twelve Feet Deep shows off the clever song writing abilities and out of this world lyrical content that will touch the heart of any person who are/were in love as a teenager. Brian really shows off his story telling talent in this song. The song is fairly simple instrumentally but the band seem to be more about the lyrics and portraying their messages.

Jim Bogart is a proper love song, it’s genuine and it comes from the heart unlike all the more modern love songs you’ll hear now days. Yet again another demonstration of Brian’s ingenious song writing ability. Although his voice isn’t perfect, it really adds to the feel of the band and makes them seem more like people rather then these out of reach celebrities. The guitar work is very well done power chords but that’s really what the band consist of, they’re like blink 182 in that sense, impressive drum beats and simple yet effective guitar.

Overall a mind blowing EP from one of the hottest, most original bands around at the moment. With genius song writing abilities and upbeat songs they’re on the rise.


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