The Front Bottoms – Back On Top Review

the front bottoms back on topThe Front Bottoms’ new album Back On Top is a musical progression of the bands interesting punk style. They have taken a step away from the acoustic guitar and are writing as a full band more with a bigger concentration on the bass and core complex instrumentation.

It’s the band’s first record on Fueled By Ramen, the catchy choruses and unusual genre make them a perfect fit for the label and features huge sing alongs like Cough It Out, which goes back to the bands roots while combining the bands heavier influences with a catchy lead guitar riff. It was the first song the band released from the new album and it feels like a transition song as it starts off sounding like an old classic song before progressing into a newer sound and it will have you singing along in no time.

The guitar parts throughout the album are the best the band has ever produced and are catchy and complex; interesting to listen to and well-written. The bass is funky, groovy, fun and most of all impressive and skilful, lifting the songs and giving them a lot more energy. The upbeat drums drive the songs and make them more fun and are well written to suit the songs. Brian isn’t the most talented singer, but he has a charm to his voice and his singing style suits the band and him well and his quirky voice is one the charms of The Front Bottoms.

The album is a turning point for the band and they’re a band to watch in the coming years as they’re going to be climbing up the charts and dominating the scene.


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