The First – The Junction, Cambridge 21/09/13

Go. Fly. Win. are already playing their first song when we rock up to the venue. The band sound nervous and the songs are a bit hit and miss and the crowd are also this way, not particularly involving and immersing themselves in a rock show. A few nod their heads, but nothing much else.

Next up are We Are Fiction and there’s more crowd at least. The band are energetic, nobody can fault that. The crowd seem more involved and responsive, and the band are certainly involved, their set comes to an end and the crowd seems to filter off a little.

Main support for tonight are Attention Thieves. They stick to the simple and classic format of a four piece rock band with one lead vocalist and it serves them well. They seem to have synchronised jumping but it isn’t intentional, it is however proving this band can move. This band deserve to be hitting slightly bigger stages.

The First take to the stage and it feels very clean and very organised. The band are energetic andthe crowd seem into it. The newer stuff is a bit too new for some of the crowd as of yet (this is the album launch show after all and the album doesn’t hit stores for another two days, but it has been streaming online), but the crowd sing the old songs proudly and the hardcore fans at the front and centre make sure they’re heard louder than anyone else. This is only the beginnings for this band and with already a dedicated fanbase working the old album, I can only imagine the heights the new album will take them to. Expect to see The First in a much bigger venue, near you and soon. An enjoyable night of music.


The First: Website|Facebook|Twitter

The new album is in stores today! What do you think of the record? Tell us below!

Images courtesy of Ga Chun Yau Photography.

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