The First – Take Courage Review

Take Courage kicks off instantly. This album will make you tap along first listen and sing along on the second, it’s that catchy and easy to learn.

There’s No Place Like Home kicks in and its summer and happiness and everything good about music rolled into one tune. It’s got the group vocals, the catchy as hell melody and a host of “oh’s”. What more do you need?

The album somehow goes from amazing to even more amazing. Dare I Say I Ruined Everything is a stick on and dance to track. Start Again has massive choruses and Monster is so catchy, ‘Where did I go wrong? I’m turning into a monster’ is something you’ll fight hard not to belt in public settings when listening to this track.

Featuring guest vocals from Elissa Franceschi, William is a sure fire hit. It mixes a big sound, catchy melodies and the amazing vocal talents. The female vocal has been used well and is not overdone, but instead serves the exact purpose to propel this track into something else.

The First may have easily packaged a party in aural form but they’re nothing short of in this for the sheer love of music. Final track Tonight Tonight is stunning. A piano, an acoustic guitar and a voice are all that’s needed to carry this track through until its increase. The lyrics are painfully true and the whole track takes on a life of it’s own. It’s an unusual and yet fully encompassing way to end this non-stop rollercoaster ride.

And if you grab the CD version you’ll get bonus track Enough is Never Enough is everything you want from an acoustic track: beautiful, lulling and rich with intent.

With sing-along choruses and driving melodies this album should be on anyone’s 2013 purchase list.


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Do you agree with us? Is this the sing-a-long album of the summer? Let us know below.

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  1. I played “Love.Regret.Forgive.Forget” on my last radio show, top tune. Will probably give the whole album a listen as soon as I can

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