The Fifth Alliance – Death Poems Review

the fifth alliance death poemsDeath Poems is the latest offering from The Fifth Alliance and whilst it may not grab you right away, it is a release worth sticking with because it is definitely a grower.

Opener Your Abyss is perhaps not the best choice of openers – the introduction to it is a little wishy-washy and lacking in direction, and the song itself takes a little while to get going itself, especially with its slow pace and somewhat repetitive sections at times, so this would have definitely worked better as a later song on the release.

However, it has to be said that the album does get more powerful as each song progresses, seemingly gaining momentum as each minute passes, and a particularly great element of The Fifth Alliance’s sound is the vocal line – the sheer energy behind the delivery really helps to project them further and I can only imagine how stunning they would be in a live environment. Meanwhile instrumentally, the band sounds very together and there’s no faulting any of the member’s skills – you can really hear each member giving it their absolute all and it’s great to witness.

As a whole, Death Poems is a good listen and shows a lot of the potential for The Fifth Alliance to grow – make sure you keep an eye on this band!


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