The Fall Of Eve – Eternal Embrace Review

the fall of eve eternal embraceThe Fall Of Eve are back with their full-length album Eternal Embrace and if you liked their Calls From The Horizon EP, then chances are you’re going to love this too.

Eternal Embrace gets off to a great start with introductory track Under My Skin. The track is very striking, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention and continuing well from there. At times it does feel like the track could do with a faster pace, but it is nevertheless a good opener and Eternal Embrace continues well from there with following track Abandoned. Beginning with an epic orchestral tone before the ethereal vocals drift into the mix, it sets the scene well and in all honesty, this track serves as a better opener than the previous number. There’s a nice amount of bite to it and it really grabs your interest and holds it.

The album progresses fantastically from there and another highlight is the mini-epic Destiny, which sits rather nicely in the middle of the album. The track is packed full of momentum and energy, and is a fast-paced number that will really make you sit up and pay attention! The vocals are smoothly delivered, gliding across the punchy instrumentation, and after a few listens you’ll be finding yourself singing along before you know it!

The Fall Of Eve have created a great release with Eternal Embrace, building on what made Calls From The Horizon great and it’s an excellent listen from start to finish. A promising and exciting album.


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