The Exploding Eyes Orchestra – I Review

the exploding eyes orchestra iThe Exploding Eyes Orchestra is a new project featuring several members of Jess And The Ancient ones and I is the band’s debut release.

I is a fantastic and engaging listen, yet it’s also soft and smooth enough to be enjoyed simply as background music. Instrumentally it all sounds spot-on and the vocals are stunning, gliding effortlessly atop of the well-constructed instrumental lines and the way I flows is great – each track is distinct in its own right, yet the album also plays as if it is one continuous song with various twists and turns as it moves from song to song.

My Father The Wolf is a particular highlight that features an introduction that will swiftly worm its way into your head, and it’s an all-round energetic and infectious offering that you’ll want to keep revisit over and over – quite honestly, it’s of no surprise that this was the first track to be unveiled from the album! Other great tracks include the atmospheric slow-paced (and almost doomy!) Black Hound and striking opener The Smoke.

As a whole, this is an album you really can’t go wrong with, and if The Exploding Eyes Orchestra isn’t a band you’re familiar with yet, what on earth are you waiting for?!


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