The Droids You’re Looking For – Smash Through The Walls Review

The Droids You’re Looking For – Smash through the Walls 


Prolific Carmarthenites The Droids You’re Looking For follow up last year’s self titled release with “Smash Through The Walls”.

“Smash through the Walls” contains 21 minutes of chaotic noise rock, which is enthralling, , and downright captivating.

Opener “Then I Defy” sets the tone of the EP with its off time guitars, off kilter rhythm section, and protruding synth.

“Swings and roundabouts” carries on with The Droids trademark sound, but also has a great hook and structure. Definitely one of the better tracks the guys have produced. I can see this song becoming a fan favourite and a powerful tool in their otherwise faultless live set.

“Depriest” part 1 and 2 see the band changing direction ever so slightly with a sound reminiscent of avant-garde metal acts such as Devil Sold His Soul, and Cult of Luna. This progression show that the guys can become masters of their craft in the future.

“Reality Check” plods along at a slower pace, but what stands out is the metallic breakdown and intense vocal parts.

Closing the EP is sixth track “Ghost” which the sextet has produced a video for. This track shows how ambitious their song writing has become. The slow haunting build up leads into an angry cathartic breakdown which grabs you by the collar and screams listen to me.

“Smash through the walls” feels sloppy in places, but when The Droids get it right, they get it RIGHT!  Overall this release is superior to its predecessor in production value and song writing, and time will tell if future releases will improve. The Droids have a lot of potential; I just hope they can adapt that into greatness on future releases.

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