The Dollyrots – Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out Review

the dollyrots mama's gonna knock you outIt’s always nice to come across a band that grabs you on your first listen and The Dollyrots’ new EP Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out goes above and beyond when it comes to engaging the listener.

At three tracks in duration that barely last nine minutes in total, you’d be forgiven for thinking the EP is lacking in substance, but when you hit play and the first track entitled Save Me kicks in, that’s when you know you’re listening to something special. Save Me is one of those infectious pop punk songs that you’ll find yourself singing along to on your first listen, and what’s great is that it’s not one of those ‘sickly clean’ sounding tracks – there’s a little bit of dirtiness and rawness lurking underneath and it and it really gives the song that extra edge.

The EP continues tremendously from there, with Little Medusa and Sweaty Hug My Love being similarly catchy and to-the-point before the EP is brought to a very satisfying close. The Dollyrots really have mastered the art of writing songs that will be stuck in your head for days on end and what more can you want from a release? In fact, there’s only one minor problem with Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out – it leaves you wanting more than just three songs! However, with an album coming in a few months, thankfully we won’t have to wait for much longer.


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