The Dirty Youth – Red Light Fix Review

This is South Wales metal band The Dirty Youth’s debut album, although to call this album just ‘Metal’ is a little misleading, it’s a unique mix of metal-as-fuck riffs, punk choruses, anthemic vocals and schizophrenic song structures and time changes. Sounds crazy huh? but it works well. Album opener ‘Rise Up’ has a bit of everything I’ve just mentioned and is a hell of a song. In front woman Danni Monroe the band have a star, striking looking and with an outstanding voice which suits the music perfectly. Old favourite ‘Requiem Of The Drunk’ gets a reworking, it’s “la, la, la, la lets get drunkā€¦” chorus sounding as fresh as ever. The album contains another track older fans will know, ‘Fight’, a stormer of a song which I love and comes with an awesome video. The album is packed full of crunching riffs, guitarists Matt Bond and Luke Padfield are faultless, especially on the title track ‘Red Light Fix’. The Album sounds great, crystal clear and sharp but the bands music dictates this and the performances from the band, completed by Leon Watkins on bass and drummer Tom Hall are spot on. I cant think of another band that are doing anything like this at the moment and it’s pretty damn impressive.


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