The Dirty Youth – Full Moon Club, Cardiff 20/12/13

1459874_10153463267215597_1023584493_nThe Full Moon club in Cardiff on black friday was the setting for The Dirty Youth‘s first gig on welsh soil for about 18 months, and what a hot, sweaty night it was!

Opening with 3 unfamiliar, brand new tracks to a packed club might seem risky but the band pulled it off with style, the new tracks from the forthcoming album, sound great, trademark Dirty Youth powerful riffs and pace with big, big choruses.

The band sounded great, Phil Edwards is an absolute beast of drummer and with bassist Leon Watkins really drive the bands live sound. Guitarists Matt Bond and Luke Padfield were spot on, playing the complex riffs with apparent ease.

Next song was Rise Up, from the debut album Red Light Fix, and the first familiar song for the crowd to get hold of, and they did, singing the chorus along with vocalist Danni Monroe, who is a great frontwoman, putting in a stellar vocal performance, and despite the lack of room on stage didn’t stop moving.

A couple more new tracks followed, one called, Bury Me With Elvis sounded particularly great.

The crowd really got into it during Fight, with lots of bouncing around and even a little pit, pretty impressive for such a small venue.

Closing the show with the bands good time anthem Requiem For The Drunk, which got absolutely everyone singing along and bouncing, that segued into Killing In The Name Of… with the genius idea of using the chorus from Boom! Shake The Room with it, a great cover that everyone got involved in. Danni getting offstage and into the crowd during the main “Fuck you, I wont do what you tell me…”refrain to jump along with us was awesome.

All in all, a fantastic, hot, packed and sweaty gig by The Dirty Youth showcasing some great new material from the bands forthcoming album, that I cant wait to hear and am incredibly excited about, and proving once again they are an outstanding live band.


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