Various Artists – The Depression Sessions Review

Various Artists - The Depression Sessions - ArtworkThe Depression Sessions is a three-way split mini-album from deathcore bands The Acacia Strain, Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy, and contains one original song and one cover song from each band, which definitely makes for interesting listening as all three of the covers are done in a very different style to the original material.

The three original songs are exactly what you might expect from the bands, so it’s best advised not to go in anticipating something out of ordinary because they’re just three very ‘standard’ songs from the bands. They’re not bad, as such, just not the most interesting or gripping of tracks.

However, when it comes to the cover songs, that’s when it’s time for the bands to shine. Thy Art Is Murder’s rendition of Du Hast by Rammstein is a very in-your-face number and although the vocals do feel a little much at times (even just a small bit of melody, or at least a less monotonic scream would go a long way) it’s a bold performance and a powerful inclusion. Meanwhile, The Acacia Strain took on Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun and their take on the song harks back to the original material a little more with the guitar tone, yet they still completely make it their own with the bellowed vocals and heavier drumline.

It’s Fit For An Autopsy’s take on The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails that is the runaway success of the mini-album, however. FFAA have created something special with this cover and I’d even be tempted to say it’s better than the original! The heavier tone to the song gives it that extra lift and the band give a tremendously tight and together performance. Meanwhile, the vocals are filled with passion, emotion and power, and there’s no way you won’t want to sing along to that incredibly delivered chorus!

As a whole, it’s not a bad release – but definitely worth picking up for the awesome cover songs alone!


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  1. Ah damn! In my review download, Du Hast was tagged as being done by you! Fixed now. 🙂

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