The Decoy’s Playlist

the decoy

We caught up with The Decoy to get an insight into their tastes. Check it out below.

A song that influenced them
Biffy Clyro’s Glitter and Trauma made me realise a song doesn’t have to be straightforward to be enjoyable.

A song they wish they could have written
Too many answers. Not possible to compute, neeeeeexxxxt…!

Their favourite The Decoy song
This new one I’m in the middle of working on because I get bored easily. Probably Cold cause it’s fun to play.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently:
Kendrick Lamar’s These Walls, because it’s just too damn funky sexy. It’s fex-unk.

Their all time favourite song:
Can anyone ever answer this question!? Maybe the ever epic theme song to Spacejam.

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